MARCH 2022

Let’s start with the title of the album, Days I Won’t Forget. We wouldn’t call it a concept album, but the concept is simple. Every track on the record tells the story of something that either happened to Sam Shinazzi or people close to him.

According to Sam, “this album is very much about looking back. Most songwriters and certainly myself included, do this regularly. But when writing this time around, I found I was almost subconsciously going to places in the past. And it wasn’t just me, but my characters in the songs were doing so too. And if they were not going back, they were looking back. Days, weeks, months, years. Memories are strong emotions, and the title will ring true when listeners come along for the ride.’

Closing Time, the lead single from the album, is a perfect example. Close your eyes whilst listening and you’ll be transported to Sam’s “favourite bar”, heartbroken, with whisky in hand. The song features Katie Brianna in fine form, playing the female lead in the story.

The album has a definite country lean and also showcases Shinazzi’s love of indie pop rock. But his broad palette of influences doesn’t end there, with plenty of clues along the way. The opening track, Last Night Bruce Springsteen Saved My Life is an obvious one but references to the Jayhawks, Bonnie “Prince” Billy and even legendary Aussie indie store and label from yesteryear, Waterfront Records, can be found throughout.

Also included on the release is I Wrote A Book For You, from the critically-acclaimed film, Book Week.

Unbelievably, this is Sam’s 6th full-length release. Along the way, he’s journeyed all over Australia and made multiple tours of the U.S. He’s also played alongside many of his heroes including Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Lou Barlow, Buffalo Tom, the Mountain Goats, Evan Dando, Mark Olsen and Richmond Fontaine, as well as contemporaries like Steve Poltz, Jose Gonzalez, Tim Easton, Darren Hanlon, Josh Pyke, Holly Throsby and Art of Fighting.

Whilst the album is a definite step forward in Shinazzi’s evolution as an artist, there’s certainly a lot to be gained by looking back.

Days I Won’t Forget out April 8 on vinyl and CD, as well as all digital platforms.

Past Quotes:
“Brilliant in his storytelling, with passionate choruses that would make Conor Oberst weak at the knees” – Aaron Curnow (Spunk! Records)

“Such a well written and performed album” – Peter Jesperson (New West Records)

“Like label-mate Perry Keyes, Shinazzi sets short stories to pieces of music that are instantly appealing. It’s as though he’s singing directly to you and you alone” – Pennyblack Music

“Shinazzi’s songs always feel strongly personal and intimate, seamlessly shaped out of the disappointments and consolations of life, honest and real” – Daniel Herborn (Writer)

“Understated, confessional writings, he makes his melodies sparkle” – Sydney Morning Herald

“Shinazzi’s personal narratives are beautiful and as gripping as his live shows” – Rolling Stone