Show History





DEC 21 Union Hotel Adam Young and Tom Stone


FEB 10 Midnight Special Sam solo show
DEC 6 Piano Bar, Los Anglese Duo show with Matt Braaten
SEP 16 Petersham Bowling Club Laughing Outlaw Recods showcase
AUG 27 Union Hotel Bambino Koresh, Jep and Dep
JUL 12 Green Room, Enmore Ratcat, Restless Leg
JUN 15 Annandale Hotel Bambino Koresh Album Launch
FEB 23 Union Hotel Jay Whalley+Jazz Freedom, David Dreadnought


DEC 30 Peats Ridge Festival Lyrebird Stage – full band show
DEC 22 Green Room, Enmore Sam and Adam Young – Springsteen set with Jason Walker and Grank Banks
DEC 18 Annandale Hotel Smudge Xmas Show
DEC 4 Petersham Bowling Club Laughing Outlaw Xmas Party – Sam and Adam Young – Springsteen set
OCT 29 Vault, Windsor 2011 Blues and Roots Festival
OCT 28 Restaurant 22, Windsor 2011 Blues and Roots Festival
SEP 25 Petersham Bowling Club FBI Radio benefit
SEP 22 Union Hotel, Newtown Bruno Brayovic (Peabody), Chris Moller (Midget)
AUG 27 Producers Bar, Adelaide Spozfest with We All Want To
AUG 26 Metro, Adelaide We All Want To
AUG 25 Notes, Enmore Neil Young Tribute Night
JUL 21 Notes, Enmore Tiny Ruins (NZ), Grand Salvo
JUL 9 Petersham Bowls Club Laughing Outlaw Winterball
MAY 13 Notes, Enmore Album launch with Perry Keyes, 49 Goodbyes
MAY 6 Brass Monkey Holly Throsby
FEB 24 Annandale Hotel Knievel, Matt Purcell
JAN 7 Notes, Enmore Steve Poltz


DEC 10 Notes, Enmore Laughing Outlaw Xmas Party
NOV 27 Sydney Olympic Park Sam and Barry play three sets
OCT 23 Black Wire Records Show Matt Banham and Sarah Chadwick
SEP 26 Petersham Bowling Club Bryan Estepa, Nic Dalton and Russell Crawford
APR 17  Enmore Road bar Robert Cranny, David Dreadnaught, Mathew Hancock aka Billy McCoy, Laetitia Michel


JUL 26 Annandale Hotel Smudge
MAY 28 Hopetoun Hotel Homemade Plane
APR 14 Hopetoun Hotel Tom Freund
MAR 25 Empress Hotel
FEB 1 Hopetoun Hotel Jamie Hutchings, Greg Atkinson
JAN 10 Hopetoun Hotel Duo set and Big Star tribute
JAN 2 Hopetoun Hotel


DEC 31 Peat’s Ridge Festival
OCT 25 Empress Hotel Album Launch
OCT 17 Sandringham Hotel
SEP 17 Excelsior Hotel w/ Bryan Estepa
AUG 28 Hopetoun Hotel Album launch with Go/No Go! and Boxquest
JUL 6 Annandale Hotel Smudge
MAR 12  The Zoo Buffalo Tom, Screamfeeder
MAR 11  Metro Theatre Buffalo Tom, Smudge


DEC 28 Old Bar, Melbourne Sons of Lee Marvin
DEC 13 Petersham Bowling Club Laughing Outlaw Xmas Party
DEC 1 Hopetoun Hotel Peabody, Todd Sparrow, The Devoted Few
OCT 5 Sandringham Hotel The Smoking Muskets
AUG 25 Excelsior Hotel John Columbus and Johnny Vance
MAR 22 Sandringham Hotel Cassandra Smiles and Matt McBeath
JAN 11/12 Hopetoun Hotel Neil Young Tribute Night


DEC 22 The Sandringham Hotel Charge Group
OCT 6 The Lewisham Hotel Bryan Estepa, Allum Belle
SEP 23 The Annandale Hotel
JUL 28 The Hopetoun Hotel George Byrne, The West Winter and Starboard
JUN 30 Brass Monkey Cronulla Holly Throsby
JUN 23 Clarendon Guesthouse Katoomba Holly Throsby
MAY 6 Well Adjusted Zine Launch goyouhuskies!, The Flying Colours
APR 29 Under The Clothesline The Triangles
APR 28 The Sandringham Hotel Jamie Hutchings, Bryan Estepa and Oh Messy Life
APR 14 The Great Escape Festival Sigur Ros, Silverchair, Martha Wainwright
FEB 24 The Annandale Hotel Bluebottle Kiss, Richmond Fontaine
FEB 10 The Hopetoun Hotel Josh Pyke
JAN 30 The Hopetoun Hotel Laura Imbruglia, Ben Mullins and guests.
JAN 20 The Sandringham Hotel Perry Keye, Give My Love To Rose, West Winter.


DEC 17 Newtown RSL Perry Keyes, Jason Walker and the Last Drinks
DEC 3 The Rob Roy Hotel Heligoland, Oliver Mann, The Red Tree
NOV 26 Hopetoun Hotel Soapstar Joe
NOV 24 Newtown RSL José González (Sweden)
NOV 18 The Mandarin Club
NOV 5 Pony Records @ Troy Horse Instore
OCT 19 The Troubadour, Brisbane Crooked Fingers
OCT 18 The Corner Hotel, Melbourne Crooked Fingers
OCT 16 The Rosemount, Perth Crooked Fingers
OCT 15 Jade Monkey, Adelaide Crooked Fingers
OCT 14 Mandarin Club Crooked Fingers
SEP 14 Newtown RSL Mountain Goats
SEP 8 Hopetoun Hotel Sparrow Hill & goyouhuskies!
JUL 31 Annandale Hotel Laughing Outlaw Showcasae
AUG 20 Empress Hotel, Melbourne with goyouhuskies! and The Night Bell
JUL 12 Troubadour, Brisbane with Micah P Hinson
JUN 2 Fairfield RSL with Gina Villalobos
MAY 20 Sandringham Hotel with Tom Morgan & Bruno Brayovic
MAR 6 Hotel Cafe, Los Angels USA
MAR 4 Portfolio Coffee House, California USA with Matt Braaten
FEB 23 Velvet Lounge, Washington USA with guests


DEC 28 Sandringham Hotel with Hayden
DEC 22 Sandringham Hotel with Hayden & Holly Throsby
OCT 17 Hopetoun Hotel with The Woods Themselves, The Reservations, Matthew Toohey and others
SEP 19 Hopetoun Hotel with Mark Kozelek and Ollie (Art of Fighting)
SEP 3 Sandringham Hotel with Tom Morgan, Andy Calvert & Wally Moor
JUN 26 Sandringham Hotel Elliott Smith Memorial Fund Show with Beau Cassidy & Holly Throsby
JUN 10 Troy Horse Instore
MAY 22 Rob Roy Hotel, Melbourne with Tim Reid
MAR 23 Macquarie University with Graeme Trewin
MAR 10 Gaelic Club Mark Gardener & 78 Saab
JAN 30 Sandringham Hotel Pete Stone plus guests
JAN 3 Sandringham Hotel Bruno Brayovic (Peabody), Toby Martin (Youth Group) and Billy


DEC 18 Hopetoun Hotel Machine Translations, Jodi Phylis and Tim Oxley
OCT 17 Sandringham Hotel Grand Salvo & The Woods Themselves
AUG 28 Hopetoun Hotel Glenn Richards
JUN 29 The Basement, Sydney Lou Barlow
JUN 4 Rob Roy Hotel, Melbourne w/ TheHired Guns & Jenny Queen
MAY 16 Empress Hotel, Melbourne I Want A Hovercraft, Archibald & Son, This Is Your Captain Speaking
MAY 3 Sandringham Hotel, Sydney w/ The Givegoods (TOM MORGAN’S NEW ACT) & Treetops (Melb).
MAR 14 Sandringham Hotel, Sydney W/ Francis McDonald, Kellie Lloyd & Tim Steward
FEB 11 Annandale Hotel, Sydney Supporting Simon Day
FEB 8 The Sandringham Hotel Sydney Supporting Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss).
JAN 30 Annandale Hotel, Syd Launching ‘Less Than Perfect Day’ with Founder & The Cannanes
19th JAN The Pony, Melb Seaworthy, Adam Cole and Heligoland
17th JAN Good Morning Captain, Melb Launching ‘Less Than Perfect Day’ with Heligoland and Seaworthy


DEC 19 Hollywood Hotel, Sydney Gifted Records vs Steady Cam Records Xmas Party
DEC 17 La Bar, Sydney Pete Stone and the Assistance, Sea Life Park & Ben Fletcher
SEP 27 Excelsior Hotel, Sydney Simon from El Mopa and Coindrop (Melbourne)
SEP 7 Annandale Hotel, Sydney Ides Of Space and People of Alaska
AUG 17 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Josh Rouse & El Mopa
AUG 8 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney PRL Songvision contest
AUG 3 Vic on the Park, Sydney Peabody, Starky & many others – Simmo benefit
JUN 21 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Founder & Sounds Like Sunset
JUN 11 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Billy McCoy, Jason Walker & DJ Slobberbone
APR 6 Roma Room, The Metro (Syd) The Pernice Brothers & The Lucksmiths
APR 12 The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne The Pernice Brothers & The Lucksmiths
FEB 14 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Valentines show Jen Turrell,Steward Sonic Emotion,Mary
FEB 3 The Rose Sydney Peabody
JAN 10 The Pony Melb Heligoland,Tugboat


NOV 22 Phoenix Club Sydney Purplene
NOV 1 Phoenix Club Sydney Grace Emily, Alaska
OCT 15 The Metro Sydney Evan Dando, Chris Brockaw, Darren Hanlon
SEP 19 The Rose Sydney Bernie Hayes
SEP 1 Vic On The Park Sydney Sea Life Park,Alaska
AAU 25 House show Sydney Ides of Space,Hoolahan
AUG 19 The Corner Melb Dave McCormack, Peabody
JUL 15 The Harp Sydney Ides of Space, Gota Cola
JUN 1 Annandale Hotel Sydney Knievel, Hoolahan
MAY 21 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Gorgeous
MAR 19 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Gorgeous
MAR15 Brass Monkey Sydney Jamie Hutchings (bbk)
MAR 11 Backyard show Sydney Gorgeous,Geoff Towner, 36 Ladders
FEB 8 Whammo Records Sydney Instore
JAN 25 Soup Sessions Sydney Matt Blackman
JAN 20 Goulbourn Arms Hobart Sonic Emoton Explosion
JAN 19 Bavarian Tavern Hobart Sonic Emoton Explosion
JAN 9 Punters Club Melb Groundswell, Coindrop
JAN 6 Brittania Sydney El Mopa, Grace Emily


DEC 23 Brittania Sydney Browning,Grace Emily
DEC 1 Vic On The Park Sydney Starky, Mick Wilson
OCT 5 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Oz Music Project Party
SEP 11 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Major
AUG 23 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Golden Rough,Waikiki
JUL 6 Annandale Hotel Sydney Turnstyle, Hoolahan
JUN 19 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Headline show
MAY 28 Lansdowne Hotel Sydney Twelve 24,Soapstar Joe
MAY 16 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney FBI Radio benefit
APR 24 Backyard Show Sydney Browning, Grace Emily
FEB 7 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney


DEC 19 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Jamie Hutchings (BBK), Sonic Emotion Explosion
DEC 3 The Globe Sydney Beach Boys tribute
OCT 17 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Starky, Purplene
OCT 14 The Globe Sydney Tom Waits tribute
SEP 8 Hopetoun Hotel Sydney Golden Rough
AUG 29 Club Acoustica Sydney
JUL 30 Greensquare Hotel Sydney Peabody,Twelve 24
JUL 10 Brittania Hotel Sydney Meaneither


DEC 9 Annandale Hotel Sydney Sneeze